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Neighbours Who Continuously Gather Rubbish


Is your neighbour using his/her yard/house as a rubbish tip collecting everything and anything they can find? Is it causing rats, insects and various other animals to cross to your yard? Can you smell their rubbish?

The first step you should take would be to contact the Local Council and make an official complaint, and they may be able to make your neighbour clean it up.

You may also have a claim under the law of nuisance, but only if the damage is caused by some continuing or regular activity, or if that is a natural occurrence of a neighbours land and he/she caused it or did not try to prevent it. An example of this would be a breach of environmental law with the emitting of toxic fumes in the air. Based on the circumstance, we can advise you if litigation is the best way, and if it is we can initiate legal proceedings on your behalf in the Supreme Court.


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