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Problems with Illegal Brothels


What is a brothel?

It is defined as a place which is habitually used for the purposes of prostitution, even if the premises are used by one person it can still be a brothel.

In New South Wales brothels and the commercial sexual services offered by them are legal as long as the brothel is run according to the law.

However there are brothels that operate illegally or contrary to their approval and if this occurs the local council may fine the operators under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act.

Councils can also seek an order to close down an existing brothel under the Restricted Premises Act. The section permits councils to apply to the court to have a brothel shut where it operates within view of a school, hospital and church and where it interferes with the public amenity.

If the brothel operators choose not to comply with a closure order a Local Court or the Land and Environment Court may make a Utilities Order which directs the provider of water, electricity or gas to stop providing those services.

So if you know of a legal brothel that is interfering with public amenities and is operating in view of a school, hospital or church we may be able to help. We may also be able to help you if you know of a brothel that is operating illegally.

If you need more information or assistance with dealing with a problem with an illegal brothel.

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