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Problems with Unpaid Council Rates


If there are unpaid rates the instalment will become overdue and will be known as “Rates in Arrears”.

Rates in Arrears are subjected to daily interest in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993. The interest rate is approved yearly by the Minister for Local Government and is set at 10% for the financial year of 2008/09.

If you are having difficulties paying your rates we may be able to negotiate with your Local Council to get a periodic payment plan. However the council still has the right to charge the above interest.
Once a person owes their local council $600+ dollars in unpaid rates the local council can initiate legal proceedings.

The council can also sell land in order to get unpaid rates and charges. If the land is vacant and the rates remain unpaid for a year the council may sell the land. They may also sell any other land that has not paid its rates for more than 5 years.

When council rates are not paid the council has a first charge on the real estate. This means that they have a right to take what is owed from the proceeds of the sale before unsecured creditors are paid.

If you experiencing financial difficulty and are unable to pay your rates, or if the council has started legal proceedings against you, contact our experienced teams.


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